Auto Blend LA10


Salient Features

  • Maximum blending throughput of upto 1600 kg / hr
  • Upto 4 modules can be operated at a same time
  • Automatic Feeding System without any manual intervention
  • Direct measurement of weight through weighing pans with load cell arrangement
  • Blending accuracy of +/- 1 %
  • Blending ratio 99:1
  • Sandwich blending with conveyor or system
  • Separate unit for effective blending

Feeding Chamber

  • Production capacity of each module is upto 400 kg / hr
  • Automatic feeding of material through ventilator
  • Compacted material presented to feed roller and feed plate
  • Servo controlled feed roller with feed plate arrangement
  • Option of Pin / Disc type opening rollers for different material
  • Reserve chamber above pan for controlled feed and adequate storage of material

Weighing System

  • Direct measurement of weight through weighing pans with load cell
  • Min of 100 gms to Max. of 2500 gms per drop (max 3 drops per min)
  • Equipped with a control flap to precisely deliver material to weighing bin
  • Material transport to next module through conveyor
  • Simple setting that ensures perfect weight when blending natural or man-made fibres with different length and fineness

Blending Unit

  • Blending unit with capacity of up to 1600 kg / hr
  • Sandwich blending concept
  • Blending chamber is equipped with one stripper roller and a pair of feed roller with pin type opening roller for effective Blending of the materials


Made by Fibroin