Customer Support

Project Consultancy

LMW with its experience in the industry for over four decades extends a helping hand to the investor with comprehensive information on various aspects:

  • Profitability at different levels of operation.
  • Spin plan for Optimum Production and Quality Levels achievable.
  • Project cost for different capacity operations with a break up on Land, Building, Machinery, Accessories cost, Working capital requirement and Production cost.
  • Production cost for different raw materials and different counts.
  • Ideal layout of machines and material flow.
  • Facilities required such as Filter room, Humidification, Compressor and Power.
  • Accessories required such as Cans, Bobbins, Ring tubes and Lap spools.
  • Location and Characteristics of the yarn markets.
  • Global demand and domestic demand for yarn.
  • Projected growth of global and domestic yarn, fabric and garments.

Components Business

LMW PLUS – Components and Parts

With a huge installed base of over 45 million spindles in the global market, LMW continues to provide solutions to customers as and when required in order to upkeep the health of machines.

As the needs of the Customers have become more explicit on the Performance, Quality and Productivity; to meet these needs, the Parts & Components are so designed, which surpasses the end user expectations. The growing market needs reflect the challenges encountered on the availability of Power, Raw material and Manpower.

The ‘Plus’ Advantage

LMW’s Components & Parts are manufactured at separate business units with state-of-art technology. The over five decades of tradition of trust and faith, driven by a spirit of design Value Engineering ensure consistent performance with high quality.

Today LMW has an excellent network of Global presence with excellent Service Support and offers widest range of Products that offer End to End solutions.

Customer Support Center

Simply log on to and access instant information about our spares. You can now get quotes and also place an order.

For further information we’ll also link you to our customer relation executives. That’s just another CRM initiative from LMW to give value to our customers.

Click away!

  • Instant booking
  • Shorter processing time
  • Round-the-clock ordering

LMW e-Spares

To facilitate easy spare parts management of a spinning mill, LMW has set up a portal, lmwespares with innovative features that facilitate quote creation and order log in. The benefits are quite enormous. The portals having round-the-clock log-in facility ensures immediate booking of orders and quick despatch.

Our clients using the Internet can :

  • Order Spare Parts
  • Create quote for Spare Parts


Our objective of Spare Parts supply is to ensure that the machines run continuously with optimum performance throughout their life.

The life of a machine solely depends on the quality and condition of critical components and moving parts. We supply the best quality components at a reasonable price to suit the needs of our valued customers.

We have an exclusive infrastructure and set of people who deliver spare parts promptly to ensure the continuous running of the machines.

At each regional location throughout the country we have extensive manpower who identify the needs of the customers and machines and meet them.

Conversion Kits

To meet the changing Customer needs we have come out with various models from time to time. These include change in technology and change in features.

We want these benefits to be made available to the existing customers for upgrading their machines, cost effectively, in line with the change in technology.

We have conversion kits for every major change in Technology and Additional features. These Conversion Kits are a group of components required for upgrading the machines with new technology and new features cost-effectively.

Emergency Requirements

At our Counter Service we serve spares across the counter for any breakdown maintenance. For any emergency requirement our team takes the responsibility to offer the spares at the bare minimum time.

Value Added Service

An expert team of Engineers, well versed in the technology extend complete support to the customers in:

  • Pre installation and Post installation Survey
  • System Development
  • Machinery Audit
  • Regular Maintenance

Pre and Post Installation survey

The team visits the customer’s factory to inspect the Building, Floor, Exhaust, Return Air trenches, Layout of the machines, Provision of suction points (electrical and pneumantic etc.) in accordance with recomemendation the material flow and suggests corrective actions for successful installation of machines.

The team monitors the installation of machines, assists in fine tuning and commissioning of machines to achieve the desired quality & production levels.

System Development

On commission of machines, the team suggests the suitable systems for Production, Quality, Maintenance and Material Management to achieve a constant level of production, quality and optimum utilisation of machines.

Machinery Audit

Over the years the machines may lost their effectiveness. Besides this, various systems such as Maintenance, Inventory management etc. may have to be re-looked for its relevance.

To review the viability of the machines and the systems followed, our team of experts undertake in-depth studies and analysis and suggest suitable solutions.

a) Review the viability of Machine

Carry out in depth analysis of all critical components, including electrical and mechanical, which influence the productivity and quality of the machines and suggest replacement of components or replacement of machines based on the economics.

Suggest the spares to be procured and maintained for upgradation of the machines.

b) Review the systems of Maintenance & Inventory

Study on existing maintenance practices, methods, frequency and recommend suitable systems to optimize the cost of maintenance and inventory.

c) Optimising Machine settings & processing parameters

The complete process right from mixing to Ring Spinning will be studied for balancing of production and quality of product such as cleaning efficiency, nep removal efficiency, imperfection and breakage, etc. This will improve the quality of product which in turn will increase the profitability. LMW has conducted Audit Service for about 10 mills and the mill have shown tremendous improvement on following the guidelines of the service team.

d) Review the adequacy of support facilities.

Over a period, new machines would have been added and old machines modernised. But most often little attention would have been paid to support facilities such as filter room capacity, humidification, compressor capacity, electrical circuits and stabilizers.

Unless adequate level of facilities is maintained, the machines will not perform to the desired levels. Our team suggests the optimum level of facilities required.

Regular Maintenance of machines

LMW has a vision in near future to introduce maintenance contracts to maintain the machines and systems through the years.


For more details please contact:

Customer Service Department,

Lakshmi Machine Works Limited,
Coimbatore- 641 020, India.

Phone : + 91- 422- 2692371 – 379

  : + 91- 422- 6612462, 63, 64

Fax : + 91- 422- 2692701

E-Mail :

Service Stations

Certain components of a machine play a vital role in the performance of the machine. To maintain the performance of the machine, these components are to be serviced on regular basis.

LMW offers a cost effective servicing solution to revive the functionality of the machine. Servicing is carried out by an experienced work force using sophisticated facilities available at their disposal.

Mechanical Service Station

Located at LMW Coimbatore, the station services critical mechanical components such as Beaters used in Blowroom machines, Grinding rollers used in Carding, Nippers of Combing machine, Differential gear boxes of Speed frame and Comber, variator discs for Ring frame etc.

Electronic Service Station

As more and more electrical and electronics are used in the latest generation machines, these play a crucial role in the performance and control of machines.

It is impossible to carry out the preventive maintenance for these electrical and electronic components, so LMW would like to be at the door step of customers to service these as and when needed.

The electronic service stations are well equipped with testing instruments of high capability and quick diagnosing facility. The testing instruments also have the provision of simulating the component in the actual running condition for effective diagnosing. Servicing of all electronic devices is done in order to reduce the maintenance cost, instead of replacement with new ones. Overhauling components like servo motor in time, avoids break down of the machine.

Mechanical / Electrical Service Station

Lakshmi Machine Works Limited,
Coimbatore – 641 020. INDIA.

Phone : + 91 422 2692371

Fax : + 91 422 2692701

E-Mail :


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